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UPDATE:  We sold the farm and moved to Newnan, Georgia.  My husband had a job change, and it was just something we had to do.  I was so sad to leave the farm that I had spent 10 years building.  It was also very difficult to say goodbye to all of our wonderful animals. 

So here I am, in civilization.  I am going to devote my time to working on my art.  We actually transported 2 years worth of great wool with us, so I can continue spinning and weaving with the wool I am accustom to.  I also now have the time to give this blog an honest go.  Farming took just about every spare minute I had.

City life is not too bad.  I have found some wonderful thrift stores with great clothes that just need a little sprucing up and refashioning. You will start to see some of my thrifting adventures posted here.  I already have a large collection of denim that I want to transform into something spectacular. 

I also haven't worked in polymer clay for a long time.  I hope to bring that back as well.  This blog will be about all of my art adventures.  I will keep the farm stuff up as a pleasant memory of things past. 

I'm the one on the right

Hi, I’m Kimberly Prud’homme, and Artisan Meadows is my micro-farm nestled in the serene farm lands of western Tennessee.  The farm allows me to create a resilient, organic, and self-sufficient way of life, but it also provides a rich source for all sorts of artistic endeavors.  
My specialty is wool.  I have a pampered flock of sheep that mow my fields and grow prime wool.  I’ve developed a wide range of wool products to help people be more creative, get in touch with a simpler way of life, and feel connected with age-old, traditional woolen crafts. 

I’ve been a multi-media artist my whole life, working with everything from wool to polymer clay.  I’ve studied various techniques, reading everything I can.  And am mostly self taught.  I’ve written several detailed tutorials, and have been told that I explain things well.  I strive to help my fellow wool enthusiasts as much as I can. 

Prior to establishing Artisan Meadows, I owned and operated my own horse ranch, raised and competed with show rabbits, designed and grew an elaborate English Garden, and was a registered nurse for nearly 20 years.

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~Kimberly Prud'homme