About Our Products

UPDATE:  We moved from the farm, but carried 2 years of wool with us.  We are missing our wonderful sheep, but will leave their photos up as a pleasant memory of our time on the farm.

The wool at Artisan Meadows is truly our wool.  We’ve raised the sheep ourselves by feeding, sheltering, and caring for the animals like the respected partners they are. 

A Spring Lamb
In most cases the sheep were born right here on the farm.  They nuzzled up to their mothers after taking a few first wobbly steps after being born, then they dined on rich grass and natural feed as they matured.

Our sheep are sheared in our barn, and I wash their raw fleeces in our driveway.

I process some wool myself, and some wool gets sent to Stonehedge Fiber Mill for processing into roving.  But once it’s shipped back, I choose the color schemes, I dye it, I spin it, and I package it.

This is not some run-of-the-mill mass produced factory commodity, but rather a product that has a history and a story behind it.  

When you make something with wool from Artisan Meadows, you are part of that story.  Your creation will share the heritage of a small country farm.  It will be authentic and real.

I hope you enjoy working with it as much as I enjoy creating it!