Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall on the Farm

I am using these great pics that my sister took for me this spring.  How strange to use them for fall, but believe it or not fall around here looks pretty much like spring.  Our best growing season is now.  I can't wait till the green houses once again looks like this.

How about some more Swiss chard?  This is a wonder plant in my book.  It produced all the way through winter into June.  I will plant a lot of this.  Easy to grow and easy to cook.  How can you beat a plant like this one?  I highly recommend this for your garden.
Our small farm pigs, Porky and Bess, have blessed us with another litter this summer.  Porky is pictured below.  These are the best pigs ever.  Bess had a litter in January during the ice storm and took care of them all by herself.  No birthing crate for her.  All the little pigs made it despite the bitter cold.  Her summer piggies had a little problem with the extreme heat and we sadly lost a few.  You couldn't ask for better pigs though.

We saved out three little pigs for our purposes and they are lean and mean right now.  They will gift us with bacon and sausage for this winter.  Raised on table scraps and a small amount of feed.

Dude, our little ram is not so little now.  He has grown quite a bit over summer and is already courting the girls.  We hope to have several little lambs next spring.

This is just a great pic of our flock this spring.  All the wool has grown back after the spring shearing and they look just like this photo once again.  Of course the weathers have to stand up front to show off their superb fleeces.

It is finally cool enough to breed rabbits again.  I have missed going in the rabbit barn and seeing all the cute little babies like the ones below.  Rabbits just don't do well in the heat and we have to give them a long summer break so as not to bake our poor mama rabbits.

I just included a picture of me and my dog child, Snarf.  He likes to hug.  Really he does.
Just wanted to share a few pics of the farm.  Thanks for stopping by.

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