Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hello Again

Hello Again!

Looking at the calendar, its been a while since my last post.  But things have been so busy around here, it seems like only yesterday.

Spring has turned to summer and we have done so much this season.  Where to begin?  So far we have:

  • Put in a garden 100' X 300'
  • Built in a shed and added air conditioning so my most valuable rabbit stock can thrive over summer
  • Added two beautiful Border Leicester Sheep to my herd
  • Built an ingenious livestock sorting system in our back pasture
  • Beefed up the fencing in the back woods and turned the pigs loose back there to do their terra-forming magic
  • Had five (yes, five!) bee swarms out of our two hives
    • so I installed two new hives myself
    • then gave away the other three swarms to my bee mentor
  • Cared for one of our dogs after a positive heartworm result - after a lifetime of hearworm prevention medication given every month!
  • Started a rudimentary rotational grazing pattern for the sheep

Things haven't been slow on the wool front either:
  • My annual shearing day had to be re-scheduled - and if not for the kind help of a few friends, it could have been a real disaster.  (Don't worry, it turned out fine.  I'll tell you about it later.)
  • I have been getting more and more active with the wool community here around Memphis
  • I got a great new Ashford spinning wheel that makes great Art Yarn -- I am sooo excited about this!
  • My husband and I are getting spooled-up to start offering my wool creations on Etsy

My apologies for not staying current with the blog.  That is my mistake.

But you can see that there is a ton of stuff to tell you about -- so stay tuned!


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