Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring is Sprung - And It's Beautiful

Spring is here in a big way.

Last week, you read about our new lambs.  They are coming along very nicely. They are experimenting with eating grass instead of nursing, and they are so mischievous and playful that their mothers get a little annoyed at times.

But we are seeing more and more signs of spring everywhere we look.  Our greenhouses are brimming with green plants.  Here are some examples.....

A beautiful Clematus with morning dew glistening off the petals.

More Clematus's opening to embrace the morning sun.

A baby Artichoke just beginning to grow.

An Agave plant surrounded by a lush carpet of chocolate-mint tea plants.

Beets and carrots - the vibrant colors hint at the densely packed micro-nutrients.

Seed trays with baby cucumbers.

Rainbow Swiss Chard - a family favorite.

As you know, we also have our own bee hives.  They are prolific this time of year.  As they out grew one of their hives, they swarmed onto a nearby tree.  We caught the swarm and installed them in their new home.

Our newest hive.

Stay tuned for future updates...we've got a lot going on and are eager to share it with you!

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