Friday, March 31, 2017

Styling photos

Last week, I talked about my experience with a direct sales company called Agnes and Dora.  I wrote about some of the clothing that I really liked, but never provided any pictures.  I had decided to engage my sales group by styling the clothing, making a great picture, and then posting the picture on the sales page.  This worked out really well, because after seeing what they could do with that item, they usually purchased that piece.  I realized that some people just can't see the potential in an item of clothing.  This is why the stores sell out of everything they put on a mannequin.  Just try it sometimes.  Walk into a store, point to the mannequin, and declare that you want that outfit.  I have taken more stuff off a mannequin, because that is usually all they have left.  Lucky for me, I usually fit what the mannequin is wearing.

I actually kept this lovely maxi skirt from Agnes and Dora.  Just a beautiful spring floral print.  It sells for $28, and if you can, I would suggest adding one to your wardrobe.  If you need to find a rep, just send me an e-mail and I'll hook you up with some nice ladies who I know will treat you right.  The top that I paired with this outfit, is this amazing tank with sequins and embroidery. I found that top while on my many thrifting trips. 

The Curie dress is a total steel of a deal at a mere $58.  This gorgeous western look was just paired with a denim jacket, and some chunky turquoises look jewelry.  Add some boots, and your look would be complete.


Agnes and Dora does some great skirts.  The yoga waistband ensures a good fit.  I went two different ways in styling these.  One is for the office, and the other one could take you to a rock concert.  Seriously girls, you really can dress anything up or down to fit your purpose.  Sometimes, the fanciest looking stuff can just be stunning with the grunge look.  This pencil skirt sells for $28.

This is the Angelou.  A sleeveless dress that can be layered.  You can put a blouse over or under them.  Here I just put a denim jacket, because this particular dress was made of tee shirt material, and it just looked so right.  I wish I had kept one of these.  This dress also sells for a mere $58.

This is the Lee dress.  Unfortunately,  this dress was a hard sell.  It is one that you have to try it to like it.  Basically, it is a very long tee shirt.  You have to go up a size, because it tends to show all of those unfortunate lumps and bumps.  I haven't been able to liquidate not one of these, but I am not worried.  I have some wonderful up-cycle ideas for this comfortable gem.  It really is a great little dress.  I hesitated to call it the perfect "mom" dress, but it is.  Look at the picture above.  You can wad that up into your bag, bring a slouchy shirt and some flip flops,  and off to the beach or shopping you go. 

This is the Austen dress.  It is the Agnes and Dora floor length maxi dress.  Again, a bargain at $64.  You should defiantly get one.


I didn't do much styling to this Curie dress.  The patterns are so amazing, and beautiful.

 With this picture, I was trying to illustrate how you don't need to dress up with a skirt.  This season's big thing is florals paired with stripes.  Here you go.  A striped tee with a very nice flowy floral midi skirt.  This skirt is also a great deal at $34.  I kept this skirt for myself.  I have looked for skirts, but failed to find them before I started selling Agnes and Dora. 

Hope you enjoyed the style show.  I will be making more blogs like this using the clothing that I have found while thrifting.  I so enjoy putting outfits together.  If you want some cool pieces from Agnes and Dora, do drop me a line and I will put you in touch with someone nice.

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