Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Went Thrifting Yesterday

I Spent all day thrifting yesterday at the local Good Will.  Can't believe the clothing that can be found there.  I find it super therapeutic to stand at clothing racks for hours, just moving one hanger after another to look for hidden treasures.  It does take a long time, and I probably look at 100 items before I find a good one.  I have decided to sell my great finds on Poshmark and possibly Ebay.  I don't plan on making tons of money, but I do feel that I at least deserve a finders fee for spending the huge amounts of time looking thru the clothes to find real gems for people to treasure.  

Today, I have spent all day washing and logging my clothing items into my log book.  Most thrifters/re-salers say that they do not wash the clothing before they mail them out to their customers, but I do wash everything.  The clothes have a nauseating odor and actually feel grimy to the touch.  Even the new with tags items are in this condition.  I even hand wash the dry clean only stuff, and it turns out just fine.  I would not send these unwashed items to anyone, so rest assured, the clothes you get from me are nice and clean.

I found this stunning Whit House/Black Market cocktail dress.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  I could just picture this as some winter parties and other events.

I love this little stretchy sweater dress.  Put a long sleeved tee, some leggings, and slip on some little boots and you would be ready to go.  Toss on a leather biker jacket and you could do the Urban chic thing.

I found this Banana Republic wool blend career dress.  Said it was dry clean only, but I hand washed it.  Came out just great.  This would be some very classy office wear.  Jazz it up a little and you could do an after 5 look.

Found this adorable J Crew linen jacket.  My dress form is ridiculously busty, so I couldn't button it up.  Wish I was small so that I could wear it.

 Military green is always in.  This is a wonderful little jacket from Ann Taylor Loft. 

The Ebay sellers are always talking about North Face items.  This vest is in superb condition. I have never come across this brand before yesterday.


Another great Banana Republic office dress.  Hand washed this dry clean only gem and it is right as rain.  I personally don't like dry clean anything.  If I can wash it, I will sell it.  If it is ruined by being washed, well, I didn't want it anyway.  Love the vibrant pink.  Could jazz this up as well for after 5.

This was so unusual, that I couldn't pass it up.  Just wish I was small enough to wear most of this stuff.  Look at the sleeves and ruffles.  Who doesn't like polk-a-dots?

This is one of the best denim shirts I have ever found.  What interesting details.  There is actually a tab on the inside of the sleeve, so you can turn it up and then tie it thru those O rings.

This Banana republic sweater is the lightest sweater I have ever seen.  It has alpaca wool in it, and is so unbelievably soft.  Not a single snag on it.  Some lucky girl will love to add this to her wardrobe  and wear this little gem. 

That's just a few of the items I found this time.  I will be holding most of this stuff over until fall, when I will most likely list it on Poshmark.  I need to get busy and list all of the lovely things I have for spring and summer.  When I do list items, I will be sure to post my link on the contact page.  If you see anything you must have, just shoot me and e-mail.

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