Friday, May 26, 2017

Starting Poshmark

Keeping up with my blog is apparently a problem for me.  I have been busy shopping for product, for my Poshmark store.  You can find me @kimtn2.  Take a look if you can.  I have been trying to learn the app, and try to list a few things everyday.  I am very slow at doing so.  Keeping up with the social aspect of this app has been a little overwhelming at times, because I do try to follow and share everything when people follow and share my things.  That's just what you do.  Sales have been slow.  I just got my 4th sale for this month.  When you consider that I did the same on Agnes and Dora with more work on that end, I guess I'm actually doing okay.  

Shopping at the thrift stores has been a lot of fun.  I always thrifted for my jeans because I am unwilling to pay the ridiculous prices at the stores.  That, and I'm a total cheap skate.  Not that I won't pay up for something of quality, but if I can get that same item for next to nothing, I'm all about it.  I just recently bought 6 pairs of Miss Me Jeans for my sister, for the price she would have paid for one pair at a regular store.  Oh, and also, two really cute shirts.  All of the stuff looks brand new.  And that's the thing about the thrift store.  You won't believe how many clothes are just tossed away with the original price tags still dangling from the arm.  I guess we all have closets full of clothes that we don't wear very much, or at all.

Now, keep in mind, you just don't walk into the thrift store and get all of this great stuff.  Finding great stuff requires hours of patient searching.  For every 100 pieces I look at, I might find one good thing.  I might not find a "great" thing, that day.  I thrift to resale.  I figure that I at least deserve a finders fee for spending all of that time searching for that piece that you just have to have.  I stop looking for stuff in about 4 to 5 hours when my back gives out, or my arms just get too tired from pushing clothes around.  They pack those things in so tight, that it is a wonder that you can find anything.

Some people don't like the thrift store, or have really negative ideas about the thrift store.  I think that it must be overwhelming to look at a warehouse full of stuff.  The diamonds are among the piles of coal, if you just take the time to look.  I have hooked every person that I have taken thrifting.  The look on their face, when they find an item that they know costs an arm and a leg, is priceless.  Finding that gem with the price tag attached is amazing.  If you liked Easter egg hunting as a kid, you will love thrifting.  I think that I have an addiction.

Unfortunately, after you drag that stuff home, you have to wash it all.  I don't know how people, who resale this stuff, don't wash everything.  The stores put something on the clothes.  It makes it hard for me to even breathe, and my eyes swell.  No way that I will send anything less than clean to someone.  Especially someone who sent me money to support my habit. Having a lot of experience with different fabrics, I even wash the dry clean stuff.  Dry cleaning is harmful to the environment and also harmful to you.  You wouldn't believe what I wash out of some of these garments.  With a little care, anything can be washed.  If you ever need help, just drop me a line, and I will walk you thru washing an item. 

The next step in this adventure is selling.  I admit that I do not like this part at all.  Selling on line is difficult, and this social media stuff is for the birds.  Seems like I spend a great deal of time looking at a phone.  Being older, I don't really have a grasp on all of the workings of the internet, and I spend a huge amount of time with "how to" videos.  I haven't even figured out all the ways to use the tools for this blog site.  At any rate, I did figure out how to list on Poshmark, and now I am working on an Ebay store.  Selling to people you don't meet face to face, can be challenging. I always dread getting one of those "nasty" customers that you can't reason with.  Seems like there are a lot of complaints about this on Ebay.  It would be very stressful. 

Below, I have posted some of my good finds that have been listed to Poshmark.

This is not listed.  It is an Emilio Pucci tank and top made in the 1960's.  Apparently a vintage work of art.  Valued at around $700.  I paid $5.99.  Have no idea what to do with this.  Maybe, I'll wear it around for fun.  

Have a great day.  And thanks for the visit.

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